Donations are used for:

  1. Buying of Raw/Materials to Translate  Big Delivery Charge May Apply Sometimes
  2. Web Hosting Monthly Payment and Domain Registration Yearly Payment

Your donation is well appreciated. Thank you!


Thank You For The Following Donator

September 13, 2018 Lin F. $3
September 4, 2018 Anonymous $3
August 13, 2018 Lin F. $3 Thank you for Cultivation Chat Group.
August 12, 2018 Anonymous $15
June 26, 2018 Anonymous $3
April 16, 2018 DD $3 I love retired heroes. Thanks!
April 16, 2018 Jose $3 Thank you! : ) Excellent work.
March 16, 2018 Time Shifter $3 I really enjoyed chapter 1 of retired heroes, please keep up the great work!

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