Support Official Release

Nekyou is an independent non-profit group with the goal of making sure the series they work on will get notice and loved by our fans who read our releases and to ensure a better coverage once the series has been greenlit for anime or when the official manga release has been published. We don’t support any manga aggregator sites.

Some of our projects have already been licensed in English. 

Our goal is to make sure these series get noticed by people that have enough money to spare to buy the official and more superior version of the manga. Some are available via online readers of the English Publisher.

We ensure the series we currently worked on has about 1 volume gap and other cases 3 volumes gap from the official release. If completed, we will finish the series after a year since completion of the English version to renew interest.

NOTE: We are very open to closing any of our projects that have been licensed if wished by the official English publisher for ceases and desist action. We are glad to take them down from our active projects so just email us at Thank all the awesome English Publishers for bringing the manga to the English Readers officially.

Support these series by buying it here: