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Phantom School

Don’t let your human scent linger.
The intense story of Phantom Highschool, starring Ingan Kim who was just placed as the homeroom teacher of room 8!

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Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga

She: because of her parents’ death, she is forced to work for her distant relatives. He: born to a rich family, leaping forward in the world of economy. Whether it’s birth or childhood environment, they’re worlds apart. They had nothing to do which each other’s lives, or so they thought…


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Full Marks Hidden Marriage

After five years, Ning Xi has returned and is out to take revenge on the sister who turned her parents against her, and the childhood sweetheart who betrayed her for her sister. She aims to fulfill her childhood dream and become a famous actress. However, her sister is still out to get her and she has to avoid all her underhanded schemes.

One day, after falling into one of her sisters’ schemes, she meets an adorable kid and saves him. This was how Ning Xi found herself staying at the mute little kid’s house to help him come out of his shell. Slowly, his father Lu Tingxiao starts falling for her too.

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The Isolator: Realization of Absolute Solitude

August 2019, scientists received extraterrestrial signals warning them of the catastrophes that will hit Earth.

Following it, various extraterrestrial life forms come into contact with the human species. People who are affected by these energies, called the Third Eye, develop mysterious powers. Some are able to move at the speed of sound, others possess a sword that is capable of even cutting steel or those who are able to tear absolutely everything apart with their teeth.

We follow the daily life of Utsugi Minoru, a discreet 17-year-old teenager who obtained the ability he has always desired, the Solitude (code name lsolator), and Yumiko, a member of an organization that monitors these new superhumans.

However. the prowess has given by Absolute Solitude results in endless battles for Minoru…

Retired Heroes

Retired Heroes

In kingdom era 408, the prince led five heroes to the defeat of the Demon King and ascended the throne. Eight years later, he passed away from illness. One day, several years later, Tifa was separated from her father Chris at the market, kidnapped by a human-trafficking group made up of disguised demons! To protect his daughter, Chris is forced to reveal powers that he has hidden for a long time… There seems to be a connection between this former noble and the heroes! What are the daily lives of the retired heroes like?

I Am A Unicorn

I Am A Unicorn

Unicorn – The legend of the beautiful and mysterious, elegant and noble magic creature… Farmgirl Jasmine accidentally met Unicorn Devon in the forest, but although it is indeed beautiful and noble, it seems a little…? Under the charm of TV series and 3C products, Dai Wen gradually became friends with good and competent Jasmine. One day, the news reported that the unicorn was extinct. Dai Wen was shocked! For the survival of the race, Devin decided to set out to find other unicorns! Concerned that Devon, who is not alive, would be in danger, Jasmine decided to embark on the journey with him. Will Devon find a unicorn and succeed in continuing the race?


Frankenstein Family (Jikken-hin Kazoku: Creatures Family Days)

A scientist couple has been arrested for conducting illegal studies, allegedly for performing genetic modification on five of their children. Youngest children, Dannis, is the only one who grew up as a normal human and has become the only family member who has to tend to rest of the members and to try to find a medicine to turn them into normal humans again.

Dog-human, plant gene, spider web gene, as well as mind reading, how will these family members who grew up in the laboratory survive in the outside world?!


Hero Waltz

Hero Waltz 

Go Sung-tae is the target of the bullies in his school… voluntarily. He is a part of a secret experiment by the government that aims to produce “Heroes” in hope of rivaling the other countries. Not wanting to get involved, he steers away from the prying eyes of the government by keeping a low-profile, being the “timid” kid.

The most popular girl in his school, with a strong sense of justice, decides to follow him with the intention of helping him, only to discover that he was faking his personality. (On top of that, his secret got revealed.)

What will happen to Sung-tae now?



I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

One day, I – a high schooler – found a paperback in the hospital. The “Disease Coexistence Journal” was its title. It was a diary that my classmate, Sakura Yamauchi, had written in secret. Inside, it was written that due to her pancreatic disease, her days were numbered. And thus, I coincidentally went from Just-a-Classmate to a Secret-Knowing-Classmate. It was as if I were being drawn to her, who was my polar opposite. However, the world presented the girl that was already suffering from an illness with an equally cruel reality…



Acchi Kocchi

Acchi Kocchi | To Continue: We need a Japanese Translator

Wouldn’t you just love to poke in a relationship between two young high schoolers who have a subtle distance between each other? Of course, you would. Tsumiki and Io have this subtle distance that anyone would want to jump in between just to bug them. That’s what the other characters are there for. Tsumiki, being a tsundere and all, won’t be honest about her feelings toward. Io, on the other hand, is unaware of Tsumiki’s feelings, hence the subtle distance between the two. Now, let’s watch these two and see what events await them…

Sword Art Online - Progressive

Sword Art Online: Progressive | To Continue: We need a Japanese Translator

Yuuki Asuna was a top student who spent her days at cram school and preparing for her high school entrance exams–but that was before she borrowed her brother’s virtual reality game system and wound up trapped in Sword Art Online with ten thousand other frightened players. As time passes, Asuna fears what will become of her life outside the fantasy realm–the failure she might seem in the eyes of her peers and parents. Unwilling to wait on the sidelines for more experienced gamers to beat the game, Asuna employs her study habits to learn the mechanics of game–and swordplay. Her swiftness impresses Kirito, a pro gamer who invites Asuna to join the best players on the front lines. Is Asuna ready to swap class rankings for player rankings and join Kirito?
To Continue:
  • We need a Japanese Translator

La Vie en Doll

La Vie en Doll | To Continue: We need a Japanese Translator

Haruno Kasumi, an a 14 years old girl, is a quiet and shy girl who gets bullied at school and has a crush on a classmate. Her mother has no interest in what happens at home and her dad disappeared years ago.
Her life changes drastically as she gets a gift from her long lost father…
To Continue:
  • We need a Japanese Translator

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The Royal Tutor | To Continue: We need a Typesetter and Redrawer

Accepting the post of Royal Tutor at the court of the king of Grannzreich, Heine Wittgenstein is a little professor with a big job ahead! Each of the kingdom’s four princes has a rather distinct personality. Does their diminutive new instructor have what it takes to lay down some learning?