Active Projects

These are the list of projects we’re currently working on.

Yankee-kun to Hakujou Gaaru

Comedy Romance Shoujo Slice of Life

An infamous Yankee, Kurokawa Morio meets a partially blind girl, Akaza Yukiko.

Koi wa Hikari

Romance Comedy Drama School Life Slice of Life Supernatural

Saijo is a university student with a special ability. Whenever he sees a woman in love, he can see bright sparkles around that woman.

Kitashiro is Saijo’s childhood friend. Kitashiro tells Saijo that she has feelings for him, but Saijo tells her he doesn’t see any sparkles around her. This makes her frustrated. At that time, their school mate Yadorigi approaches Saijo, because she believes Saijo is Kitashiro’s boyfriend. Yadorigi has a bad habit of approaching guys who are already in a relationship and trying to seduce him.

Meanwhile, Saijo happens to meet Shinonome. They exchange a diary with writings about what love is. Kitashiro attempts to disrupt the budding relationship between Saijo and Shinonome.

Frankenstein Family

Sci-fi Drama Slice of Life

A scientist couple has been arrested for conducting illegal studies, allegedly for performing genetic modification on five of their children. Youngest child, Dennis, is the only one who grew up as a normal human, and has become the only family member who has to tend to the rest of the members, and to try and find a medicine to turn them into normal humans again.

Dog human, plant gene, spider gene, as well as mind-reading; how will these family members who grew up in the laboratory survive in the outside world?!

Shintouki: Teogonia

GORE Reincarnation Monsters Action Adventure Magic Harem Isekai Fantasy Adaptation

In the harsh region known as the borderlands, humans must fight an endless battle against demi-human creatures that come at them relentlessly, intent on taking their land and their gods. A young boy named Kai, fighting to defend his village, sustains a life-threatening injury that causes him to regain memories from a past life. If you’re not a guardian bearer, it’s like you’re playing life on hard mode… Kai’s newfound knowledge gives him a new sense of the unfair “rule set” that governs the world around him. One thing is clear: For those without a god to serve as their guardian, life is a constant struggle for survival. Thus begins the epic tale of a young boy’s ascent into a vast world filled with magic, bloodshed, and mystery.

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