Hero Waltz 52


Brought to you by the following staff of Nekyou

  • Translator: Hagrido
  • Cleaner: –
  • Redrawer: Bee
  • Typesetter: Qwuzzy
  • Proofreader/Quality Checker: Blue

Original Art By 1041uuu

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Note: If you’re having trouble reading the chapter online. You can download the PDF file from the online viewer (How?). Afterward, you can open it with the default PDF reader on your computer.

Original Art By 1041uuu

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m surprised. I just started skimming this chapter while testing out your site, but even without having read the previous chapters, I can tell this one is good!

    I was testing various aspects of your site while I was figuring out why I couldn’t Like your Royal Tutor chapters. (Only 7-9 are listed under the tag, BTW, but it looks like I downloaded chs. 1 & 2 from your site in 8/2016 and probably earlier on my old computer, IIRmy shotasC.) It turns out that, at least on your site and I haven’t checked elsewhere, with Ghostery active on your site but still logged into WP, I can click the Like button and a window pops up, apparently checking to see if I’m logged into WP, and it closes before I can read anything. Whitelisting your site fixed that.

    FWIW, there you are! Thanks for being there in the long haul!


  2. Ahem. Uh, now I see on another series there’s, um, a link to older releases, so the bit about The Royal Tutor is…probably wrong. But the other parts, I was right!

    For us disabled folk, it would be great if you could put releases in a Mega folder. Far less clicking for the rodent-impaired. If you think it will deter comments, then maybe somehow (request a feature from Mega?) make the access to the folder (as opposed to each file) a link to a comment window, and then randomize the URL behind it… Yeah, this is a long shot, I know. 😛

    Something more likely… What if you put releases older than a certain date in a folder, and only mention that folder at the end of a FAQ? Anyway, thanks again again.


  3. On another WP project I *could* Like the page before whitelisting it. Dunno if this helps any:


    More thanks more again!


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