Kankin Tantei 001 [CRIME]

“Now’s my chance!”

Brought to you by the following staff of Nekyou

  • Translator: Hyunbum
  • Typesetter: wordref
  • Cleaner: Alexspx
  • Redrawer: wordref
  • Proofreader / Quality Checker: wordref

Enjoy the release!

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  • Korean Translator – for Pirata’s Drawing Armoury (Historical European Martial Arts/HEMA)
  • Redrawer
  • Typesetter
  • Japanese Translator

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  • Read Online001

    Note: If you’re having trouble reading the chapter online. You can download (How?) the PDF file from the online viewer. Afterwards, you can open it with the default PDF reader on your computer.

  • Download: 001

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Arithmet says:

    Hey, just an FYI that this series has already been officially translated by Media Do. It’s available on both comixology and comic walker as “Hostage Detective”. Just wanted to let you know in case you’d rather spend your time and effort on another series.

    Also, for anyone else wondering, the manga hasn’t actually been ripped from either site. So a purchase would be necessary. Luckily, ComicWalker currently has a promotion of 500 yen off on any purchase for new accounts. So, by creating two accounts, you could get the two volume manga for 48 or so yen.



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