I Want To Eat Your Pancreas Chapter 7「To Live」

“Don’t barge in like that! I nearly died sooner from embarrassment!” — Yamauchi Sakura

Brought to you by the following staff of Nekyou

  • Translator: Hyunbum
  • Typesetter: Mr. Weeb
  • Proofreader / Quality Checker: Wordref

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. joakam says:

    Thank you for the chapter!
    I discovered this manga when I read about the release date of the anime movie. Really looking forward to the next chapters!


  2. Xix says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Seems like there is a duplicate page with pages 46 and 47 though.


  3. Mastix says:

    Thanks for the hard work guys! This is such a sweet story and I’m glad to see some really competent people working on the translation. You guys are doing an awesome job.


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