Acchi Kocchi Chapter 57

Finally, we get to release something this Christmas. Most of the staff are busy so we’re short typesetters at the moment. If you’re a typesetter, join us today!

  • Translator: Lilnerd
  • Cleaner: Nata
  • Typesetter: Wordref
  • Proofreader / Quality Checker: Wordref

Enjoy the release!

Do you like our projects? Want faster release? Come over at Nekyou and join us!

Available Positions:

  • Japanese Translator
  • Korean Translator
  • Chinese Translator
  • Redrawer
  • Typesetter

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Download Acchi Kocchi Chapter 57

  • Chapter 57

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. ssj1236 says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! This is such a great series with only like a volume or two left. I really hope you guys see it through to the end.


  2. rihito143 says:

    always waiting for this adorable manga i want 2 see io and tsumiki more so thank u guys so much


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