I Want To Eat Your Pancreas Chapter 5 – 「Something Naughty」

Hmmm. The ecchi moments is finally coming… or is it? 

This release is brought to you by the following staff:

  • Translator: Hyunbum
  • Redrawer: ConfuseForNoReason
  • Typesetter: Neko・Rōdo
  • Proofreader / Quality Checker: Wordref

Enjoy the release!

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  • Chapter 5

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Croswerf says:

    thank you


  2. sehn says:

    I came here….to motivate you lol! Actually for shoujo apocalypse but in the end it’s all the same, the work must go on, etc etc


  3. zuzumouse says:

    Looking forward to next chapter! 😁
    You’re the best!


  4. AnimeLover says:

    Keep up the good work!
    I hope a new chapter of SAO:Progresive will come soon.


    1. AnimeLover says:

      Sorry,wrong site.

      I feel so embarased…


    2. AnimeLover says:

      Wait a sec…

      How the heck does the cemment system even work here??

      I’m soo confused right now…
      Can anyone please tell me how this works and if i’m supposed to post my comment about SAO here?


  5. Miru says:

    I love this manga ❤️❤️In fact I have the japanese version of it and I can’t wait for vol2 since i don’t have vol2 😭😭😭😭😭

    ps. I want to join but I’m shy and i think my skills are below average 😭😭


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